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Author's Favourites
The 7 most important songs on this site, up to the end of 2014.
Ambient / Drone, 2016
2016 The Cull
Ambient / Drone, 2016
Anywhere That's Wild
Ambient / Drone, 2015
Goodbye Again
Postrock / Psychedelic Downtempo, 2015
Ambient / Drone, 2015
Chances 2014
Ambient / Drone, 2014/2015
Born to Run (Full Album) (Music Videos for some tracks)
Ambient / Drone, 2014
Greater Dawn (On-Site) (On Bandcamp)
Ambient / Drone, 2014
Please Come Home / Save Me From The Sun
Ambient / Drone, 2014
Dreamy Noise, 2013/2014
Easy Listening
Drone / Noise, fall 2013
C to Sky
Ambient, fall 2013
Future's Kind
Ambient, summer 2013
Ten Dir 1's
Ambient, spring 2013
Awe Fixers / Catcalls
Ambient, 2012
Instrumental Postrock, 2011
Old Friends and New Flings
INeedIt did this nice little web release of some fresh material in 2007 and then disappeared some time after. Thanks to the Internet Archive, the material has been preserved online.
Collections '03 - '06
The whole back-catalogue (restoration in progress).

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Material under different artist names, ordered by date, starting with the most recent:

DJ sets on MixCloud
mashups on SoundCloud and the Archive
Low Commotion mix
A DJ mix on SoundCloud

Collections Elsewhere Online

2000 - 2006 material has been preserved in several places online, and though it isn't complete or up-to-date, it is fairly comprehensive:

A Great White Bird on CBC Radio 3
26 songs... one of which has been played a whopping 3500 times.
A Great White Bird on MySpace
4 tracks, 2005 - 2007
A Great White Bird on AcidPlanet
12 songs, 2002 - 2004
Flight Feathers single on Archive.org
2 songs: Flight Feathers & Flight of the Snows


Feathery Remix for "Summer Bird" by Miss Natasha Enquist
In the winter of late 2015, the glorious Miss Natasha Enquist allowed a downtempo remix of her ballad, Summer Bird to be crafted. This nest may yield further product.
Sacred 1s for Kentron Records
In April of 2014, Kentron Records requested the inclusion of Sacred 1s on its awesome "volume one" compilation.
Hrdvsion Black '67 New Yorker Remix
In summer of 2012, Hrdvsion, who used to team up with the author as Social, dropped his remix of Black '67 New Yorker, which was initially released on the OK W/O Ctrl EP, as part of an interview with Pulse Magazine.
End of Season
In 2011, Nina Gielen was granted the use of several old A Great White Bird songs for use in this amazing short film. This also led to the author's first IMDb credit.
Salut La Neige: CBC Radio 3's Track of the Day
On Dec 28 2007, Salut La Neige was played on this daily show on CBC Radio 3, with a brief introduction.
A Great White Bird Discography
(Incomplete) Discogs.org listing.
A Great White Bird on Canadian Music Wiki
Awful bio paragraphs from an early and now uneditable profile.

The NFB Documentary

A Great White Bird (NFB/ONF)
The documentary film that inspired the artist name. It's about whooping cranes.

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Music from the A Great White Bird project is freely available for listening enjoyment, as well as for use in any non-commercial works, provided that the author is attributed accordingly. Attribution should be under the artist name "A Great White Bird," and/or the composer name "Dorian Sky," "Dorian Douma," or "Dorian Sky Douma." Commercial licensing inquiries, such as those for film, tv or live performances, should be sent directly to the author before publication. Record label representatives interested in artist development, as well as physical and digital releases, will be happy to find the author receptive to such inquiries. Otherwise, music from these collections is not for sale. DJs are not expected or required to seek permission or notify the author when using these works, whether in an unpaid or commercial capacity. Anyone who enjoys or uses this material is invited to contact the author directly to express their interest.

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